Thursday, December 11, 2014

#PitchMAS December 2014: Entry 36


Category/Genre: PB

Word Count: 339

Pitch: When an operatic brontosaurus gets bronchitis the day before a performance, he seeks a feathered healer for help. Her potent medicine cures him, but will its side effects force this diva-dinosaur to cancel the show?


  1. Yes, this dino-fanatic would love to see the full, with illustration notes (if possible). Please also include your full query. Woo hoo! Love the sound of this one!

    Please send everything within the body of no more than three separate bits of correspondence (one for the query, one for the manuscript, and one for the illustration notes, if necessary) to:
    AKA@AKALiterary dot com

    Within the Subject Line: PITCHMAS Query - #(Your Entry Number) - ATTN: Terrie

    Thank you, looking forward,

  2. Nicole Resciniti at The Seymour Agency:

    I love the sound of this! Please send the full, any illustrations and your full query to and cc my assistant, Danielle, . Please note Pitchmas Request in the subject line. Thanks!