Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy #PitchMAS Twitter Pitching, everyone!


*Throws confetti and glitter*

WOOHOOO! It's time! It's time! 

--->We go live at 12:00 AM pacific time on 12/12/14, and the pitching will continue all day long. The agents/editors will respond to the pitches they want to request. IF an agent or editor does not respond, but favorites your pitch instead, please view their feed to see if they've mentioned what they want from starred pitches, OR ASK ONE OF US FOR HELP.

-->NEVER NEVER NEVER pitch directly to an agent or editor UNLESS THEY HAVE ASKED. 
Please follow this simple rule . . . at all times, not just during pitch events.

--->If you did not get through to the Top 50 blog pitches, and even if you did, please join us for the Twitter Pitch Party!
ANYONE can participate!


Did you read that last one? Go back and read it again. 
We'll wait. 

Completed and polished. Please, please, please do not pitch a bare-bones idea/concept or a half-written manuscript. No one will sign that, and they'll just be disappointed when they request pages that don't exist. This makes us all sad.

--->Twitter pitches MUST BE 140 Characters or Less, and they HAVE TO INCLUDE THE #PitchMAS HASHTAG. Don't make the agents and editors work to read what you're pitching because you've broken your pitch into more than one tweet. Don't make them follow a link. Just, NO. 

That will annoy them, irritate your fellow pitchers, and ensure that your pitch gets lost among the others.

--->Please keep your Twitter pitching to no more than TWO PITCHES PER HOUR, per manuscript. Do not fill up the feed with your pitch over and over again. This, too, will annoy the agents and editors involved, as well as ruining it for everyone else--which I know you don't really want to do, do you? (Plus, people WILL remember you for it.)

Twitter pitch parties are a LOT of fun--trust us, we've both done many as both hosts and pitchers--but please don't get carried away. TWO PITCHES PER HOUR is plenty, and doesn't bog down the feed.

Please respect us, the agents and editors participating, and your fellow writers by respecting these rules.

You are welcome to pitch more than one manuscript, but please only pitch EACH manuscript no more than TWICE per hour.

Follow along with the hashtag: #PitchMAS

Make sure you follow us on Twitter. (We often post the same #PitchMAS related info, but you never know when only one of us will tweet something important, AND we tend to tweet from our personal accounts way more frequently than our poor, neglected PitchMAS account.)




For the list of awesome participating agents and editors, please go HERE.

PLEASE ask any and all questions in the comments below or by tweeting to us directly (@feakysnucker or @jessarusso)! One of us will respond as soon as we can.

Jessa & Tamara

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