Sunday, December 11, 2016


We are OPEN for submissions NOW! Closed! Thanks for all the wonderful submissions this year! 

Reminder: This is for UNPUBLISHED, completed and polished manuscripts ONLY. Don't ruin your first impression with sloppy word vomit. Please, please, PLEASE have at least one critique partner and a few beta readers review your manuscripts BEFORE submitting pitches and queries. We really can't stress this enough.

Submission emails MUST look like this (but without the brackets, FYI):

Email subject line: 
PitchMAS Blog Pitch Submission: [title]

Body of email:
Name: [your name]
Title: [title of your manuscript. ex: DIVIDE]
Category/Genre*: [your category and genre, ex: YA/Fantasy, Fairytale Redux]
Manuscript Word Count: [word count]
Pitch: [your 35-word blog pitch. ex: Things not on Holland Briggs' senior year plan: burning her ex's house down, poisoning her ex-best friend, or turning into the Beast from fairytale lore. But that's exactly what happens.]

(No, you don't have to use brackets.)

*Please know the difference between category and genre. Category is basically age group (MG, YA, Adult, etc). Genre are the types of books in the categories (contemporary, romance, steampunk, thriller, epic fantasy, etc)

For a reminder about the ins and outs of PitchMAS, go HERE

For a reminder about our awesome official judges, go HERE

Send your entry to pitchmas at gmail dot com

Submission window is open from NOW until Monday December 12th at 6PM PST.

Merry Pitchmas!!

xo Jessa and Tamara


  1. Should we expect a confirmation email? I sent mine a few hours ago and I'm worried it might not've been received.