Thursday, December 15, 2016

December 2016: Entry 48


Category/ Genre : MG Horror

Manuscript word count : 50,000 words
Pitch: STRANGER THINGS meets ASIAN MYTHS. Zhen Yu must destroy the entity that possessed him and trapped his soul in the ghost plane before it attacks his sister and best friend.


  1. This sounds great! I'd love to see your query in the body of an email, along with your first 50 pages and a synopsis in a word doc. Please send your materials to, with #PitchMAS in the subject line. I look forward to reading!

    -Lauren Spieller

  2. You got us with Stranger Things! We'd love to see more! Please email with the subject line 'Pitchmas - Your Title' the full query and the first three chapters to :)

  3. Please send first three chapters, synopsis and if this is part of a series, a paragraph or two about books 2 and 3. Please put Pitchmas in subject line. email is

  4. OOOh Julie, you beat me to it! Great pick! This sounds amazing! Looking forward to The Seymour Agency seeing this one.

  5. December 2016: Entry 48. Title : DEVASURA. Category/ Genre : MG Horror. Manuscript word count : 50,000 words. Pitch: STRANGER THINGS ...

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