Monday, November 27, 2017

A Note from Jessa and Tamara

After five years of hosting #PitchMAS, with its many successes and occasional headaches, we've  helped people find their dream agents, connected them with their dream editors, and helped many new writers form new relationships with critique partners and beta readers. We hope that we've made a lasting impact on the writing community as a whole, and that your memories of #PitchMAS are positive ones, even if you didn't get signed... sometimes its the connections made that end up making the most out of your journey. 

With that said, it is with much deliberation and consideration that we have decided to end our #PitchMAS journey. 

We have truly enjoyed being able to give back to this community we love so much. We've made friends and built relationships within the community that are priceless and treasured, and for that we are forever grateful. 

PitchMAS was just ONE contest in a sea of many. We hope that you will all continue entering contests and plugging away at this dream of yours. 

Thank you for your support and understanding. We wish you the very best in life and in your journey to publication. Stick with it and never ever give up on your dream.

Jessa & Tamara 


  1. I'm going to miss this event, as it was the very first pitch event I got selected to participate in! While I didn't get signed, the three agent requests I received brought tears to my eyes because, for the first time, I felt validation that I COULD place words together that someone wanted to read. Now, I just have to find the right words to make an agent swoon. I'll never give up! And I thank both of you for giving me the first push that I needed to keep going and to believe in myself. Seriously, THANK YOU! I hope you both have a great holiday season, and may you find success with all things you endeavor.

  2. Hi Jessa and Tamara, I'm going to miss Pitchmas. You two did a lot for the writing community. Thankyou, and lots of love and hugs.

  3. I found my agent (and then got a book deal!) because of this contest. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Are you interested in passing it on to someone else?

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