Sunday, September 25, 2016

#PitchMAS 2016 Dates Have Been SET!

More details coming soon! 


FRIDAY 12/09/16
(A blog post will go LIVE on 12/09, right here on the PitchMAS blog, where you will post your pitches in the COMMENT SECTION. Your peers will then hop around and critique/advise you on what works/doesn't work. Tamara and Jessa WILL NOT be participating in the workshop; this is for peer critique/help only.) 
It must be said again, as we get questions about this EVERY year: If you feel that your comment hasn't posted, IT HAS. 
Because of the sheer volume of comments on the pitch-honing workshop, you'll have to click "load more'' at the bottom of the page a few times to see all of the comments. When in doubt, hit 'refresh'!

SUNDAY 12/11/16 - MONDAY 12/12/16
We will post specifically about the submission formatting in a separate post!For this event, we will be accepting your 35-word pitch submissions VIA EMAIL ONLY
Submission window will be open from 
Sunday 12/11/16 at 9:00amPST until Monday 12/12/16 at 6:00pmPST
We will delete any submissions received before or after that submission window.
------->It is up to you to figure out your own time zone differences.<-------
Email address is
Please do NOT send anything to that email before the event.

THURSDAY 12/15/16
{35 Words or Less}
The TOP 50 pitches will go live on the PitchMAS blog at MIDNIGHT on Thursday, 12/15/16. Agents and editors will have the entire day (as well as all day Friday and into the weekend!) to comment and make requests. 
Please do NOT comment if you are not an agent or editor. THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE is if an agent/editor has asked a SPECIFIC question. 
Any other non-agent/editor responses or comments will be deleted. 

FRIDAY 12/16/16

{140 Characters or Less}
On Friday, 12/16/16, from 6:00a.m. PST to 6:00p.m. PST, we will have our PitchMAS Twitter Party! 
Agents and editors will follow the hashtag #PitchMAS, reading your awesome pitches. ANYONE can participate, even if you didn't make it into the 50 selected blog pitches! However, your manuscript MUST BE COMPLETED and POLISHED. 
Twitter pitches MUST BE 140 Characters or Less and HAVE TO include the hashtag. DO NOT make the agents and editors work by breaking your pitch into more than one tweet. You will likely just annoy the participating agents/editors and your fellow pitchers. We also advise against making them click a link to get to your pitch. Guess what? They won't.  Also, including images with your pitch is gimmicky and we advise against it.
Please keep your Twitter pitching to no more than TWO PITCHES PER HOUR. 
Do not fill up the feed with your pitch over and over again. This will annoy the agents and editors involved, as well as ruining it for everyone else and people WILL remember you for it. 

Follow along with the hashtag: #PitchMAS

Participating agents and editors will be announced in November on MONDAY, DECEMBER 5th!  

In the meantime, make sure you follow both of us on Twitter. (We often post the same #PitchMAS related info, but you never know when only one of us will tweet something important.)




We've posted a few #PitchMAS success stories (more to come!) here on the blog as well, so if you're curious, click HERE to view them! 


  1. "Participating agents and editors will be announced in November!" I can't find this information, has it been posted yet? Thanks!

    1. Apologies! We fell a bit behind schedule this year. The list is scheduled to go live on MONDAY, 12/5!

  2. Ladies, I don't see these answers in the info above, and I have 2 questions for the 35-word pitch. Sorry if I missed it; I know you're busy! 1) In the 35 word pitch, should you include hashtags like #LF #WF #Mem #YA, etc... and do they included in word count? I know all tweets must include #PitchMAS and genre, but not clear on the 35 word count. 2) If you want to pitch 2 books, can you send 2 email pitches on 11th-12th? I'm assuming you only want 1 email sent (per story)? Not multiple 35 word attempts? Thanks!

  3. *ARE they included in the word count... I will be more careful with typos, when I send in my pitch! ;-) And, I suppose there are really 3 questions there. The eggnog made me do it!

  4. I'm not seeing a list of genres on the blog. Can you please help?

  5. Hi!
    Fo the 35 word blog practice on Friday, do I need to include the heading with title, genre wd. count etc.? Or is that only for the submission On Sunday?