Friday, October 4, 2013

#PitchMAS Success Story #4: Ryan Hill

For this fourth installment of WHY CONTESTS ARE SO AWESOME (ahem, especially #PitchMAS--though we may be biased), we're going to let Ryan tell you his story! Take it away, Ryan! And HUGE congratulations on your success!!! 

For the longest time, The Book of Bart felt like it would always be a
bridesmaid and never a bride. I'd enter it in contests and watch it go
all the way to the agent round, only for nothing to happen. It
frustrated me to no end. Bart just never seemed able to find the right
fit. Worst of all, I almost gave up on him.

Then Jessa and Feaky's PitchMAS contest came along. At first, I didn't
want to enter The Book of Bart. Tired of rejection, I decided to wait
until I had a new manuscript to pitch. My writing friend Karen Y.
Bynum ( convinced me to enter, and
now here I am with a deal to have the book published through Curiosity
Quills. Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect it.

I first created the demon Bartholomew in a manuscript that didn't go
anywhere a few years ago. While writing it, I perked up every time I
got to one of his scenes. How could you not be excited to write about
a demon that chain-smokes, wears designer clothes, is full of sarcasm
and makes a game of everything? To me, he was like a well-dressed Han
Solo. I decided that Bartholomew deserved his own story; a combination
of snark and the novels of Christopher Moore, my favorite author. The
result was The Book of Bart.

Alison Heller of Curiosity Quills noticed my PitchMAS entry and asked
to see more. It didn't take long before she requested the full
manuscript, then an R&R for The Book of Bart. She loved it for all the
right reasons, and most of all she loved Bart.

I couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity. To say this is a
dream come true is an understatement. I'm so grateful to Jessa, Feaky,
and Alison. Drinks are on me if we ever meet in person!

It's hard out there for a writer. The journey has been the most
fulfilling of my life, but also the most difficult. Keep writing. Keep
reading. Keep learning about the craft. Get to know awesome peeps like
Jessa and Feaky. Contests like PitchMAS have made it easier than ever
to get your work in front of agents and editors. If it can happen to
me, it can happen to you.

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  1. Ok, this gives me so much hope! Thanks for sharing the great vibes!!! Congrats to you on success with Curiosity Quills. They seem to be a top notch group to be associated with!