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ANNOUNCEMENT! #PitchMAS in JULY Participating Agents and Editors!

*NOTE: We are still waiting for a few bios and wishlists, so we will update accordingly.* 

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JUST ADDED, but waiting for bios/wishlists:
Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency
Marisa Cleveland of The Seymour Agency
"Julia is specializing in representing international authors of unique and captivating commercial fiction, namely thrillers and romance as well as Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Women's Fiction/Chick Lit. Julia isn't the best fit for sci-fi and futuristic stories and Fantasy should be set in the real world. She's not too keen on vampire and dragon stories, or Harry Potter read-alikes. Other than that, Julia's open to all sub-genres. A hooking plot, engaging characters, and a fresh voice are a must. Bonus points if your manuscript features a sports theme, boarding school, or sports/summer camp, is an amazingly original contemporary retelling of a classic, is set on a ranch, or is a creepy psychological thriller with a stalker theme. Double bonus points if it's in the vein of Friday Night Lights, Center Stage, Pleasantville, or Sliding Doors. Triple bonus points for a male hero that'll leave me swooning." 

Jennifer Mishler of Literary Counsel
Jennifer Mishler is an avid reader and finds that books ought to be read with a good, hot cup of coffee in hand. To her, nothing is better than falling in love with strong characters and getting lost in an interesting plot. Jennifer enjoys reading all genres but her soft spot lies with historical-romance novels like The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly, and The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. Both novels have female characters who take action and don't need to be rescued by Prince Charming. Manuscripts/Books that span different times and places, and new worlds are also things that Jennifer enjoys reading. Jennifer grew up reading Brian Jacques' Redwall series and still hasn't given up her passion for Young Adult novels. She recently read Aimee Carter's The Goddess Test and found the plot to be unique and fresh.

Her super fabulous wish list is: 
Young Adult Romance
Young Adult Contemporary
Young Adult Literary
Young Adult Historical
New Adult ---really looking for fantastic NA
David Dunton has been an agent at Harvey Klinger, Inc. since 1996. Before that, he was in a band, and was simultaneously an editor at Simon & Schuster. He wants your middle grade (fantasy and non-), contemporary young adult, and young adult sci-fi and fantasy novels. (Or, if you're a rock star, he wants your memoir.) 

Jessica initially studied Forensic Science but came to the realization that, despite her love for titrations (and saying “phenolphthalein”), she could not possibly spend the rest of her life staring at the color pink and would much rather read The Crucible than ever have to handle one again. She made her escape to the English department, where waiting for her were a plethora of musty tomes and a comforting absence of fire.

For five years she worked with various local publications in both an editorial and design capacity until finally finding a place with Talcott Notch. She is interested in all kinds of YA and Adult fiction, but leans toward science fiction, fantasy, and romance. Jessica is looking to build her list with professional authors who write stories showcasing unique concepts, excellent writing, and diverse characters.

MacKenzie Fraser-Bub of Trident Media
MacKenzie Fraser-Bub has publishing in her blood. She grew up around authors, manuscripts and publishing deals as the goddaughter of a former V.P. and Publisher at Random House, Inc. Her first job was as a reader for a major publisher, and she spent summers hanging out at the Radcliffe Publishing Course (now known as the Columbia Publishing Course) with a constant procession of publishing industry professionals. Most recently MacKenzie was in marketing at Touchstone Books (Simon and Schuster) where she worked closely with the advertising, publicity, and sales departments.  MacKenzie’s intimate understanding of all aspects of publishing has led to a very hands-on approach to her clients' careers - throughout the various stages of the publishing process.  MacKenzie loves a good story well-told and is particularly interested in Women's Fiction.  As a new agent, she is actively building her client list and is discovering new talent, as well as helping established authors increase their readership and build their careers.

I’d love to see women’s fiction and new adult.  I especially enjoy stories set in the south.  I love quirky characters and plotlines.  Now that it’s summer, I’d love to read a book on the beach, so I’m looking for fun, light page-turners – books without too much sadness – with a strong, unique voice and some humor!  

Christa Heschke interned at both Writers House and Sterling Lord Literistic, and has been at McIntosh and Otis, Inc. in the children's literature department since 2009. She is actively looking for picture books, middle-grade, and young-adult projects, and is currently building her list. For picture books, she’s drawn to cute, character-driven stories. For middle grade, she’s looking for contemporary stories, humor, adventure, and magical realism for both boys and girls. In the teen arena, she is especially interested in contemporary fiction, horror, thrillers/mysteries, and novels with a romantic angle, with strong, quirky protagonists. She’s also interested in selectively acquiring steampunk and fantasy (urban and high) that push the boundaries of what’s currently on the shelves, perhaps a new take on these genres that has yet to be seen.

For further details regarding what Christa is looking for, go HERE

Jordy Albert is a Literary Agent and co-founder of The Booker Albert Literary Agency. She holds a B.A. in English from Pennsylvania State University, and a M.A. from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. She has worked with Marisa Corvisiero during her time at the L. Perkins Agency and the Corvisiero Literary Agency. Jordy also works as a freelance editor/PR Director. She enjoys studying languages (French/Japanese), spends time teaching herself how to knit, is a HUGE fan of Doctor Who, and loves dogs.

She is looking for stories that capture her attention and keep her turning the page. She is looking for a strong voice, and stories that have the ability to surprise her. She loves intelligent characters with a great sense of humor. She would love to see fresh, well-developed plots featuring travel with unique, exotic settings, competitions, or time travel. Jordy is specifically looking for:

* Middle Grade: contemporary, fantasy, action/adventure, or historical.
* YA: sci-fi, dystopian/post-apocalyptic, contemporary, historical--Though I am open to looking at other sub-genres, I'm looking for YA that has a very strong romantic element.
* Romance (contemporary and historical).

Shira Hoffman began her career in publishing as an intern at Tor Books and started working at McIntosh & Otis, Inc. in 2007.  In 2013 she took over as M&O’s Director of Subsidiary Rights.  Shira is currently developing her own list and is interested in a broad range of fiction and non-fiction in the adult market as well as an occasional YA or middle grade title. Her primary interests include mainstream commercial fiction, mystery, literary fiction, women’s fiction, romance, urban fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, horror and dystopian.  She is particularly keen to acquire projects that blend genres in new and interesting ways and she hopes to discover writers with well developed and original voices.    

Shira's Wishlist:

I’m looking to build my list in a lot of different area right now and I’m open to fiction and non-fiction across the board.  However, at the moment I’d love to take on clients who are writing contemporary romance (YA, new adult, and adult), up-market and commercial women’s fiction, horror, mystery, steam punk, cyber punk, sci-fi, and urban fantasies with a fresh take.  I’m also open to works of narrative non-fiction in the vein of Steig Larson and memoirs with a strong a strong hook and lyrical writing style.    

Danielle Smith began her agent career at Foreword Literary Agents in 2013 where she represents picture books and middle grade authors and illustrators. Her enthusiasm for children’s literature began as a young child, but grew exponentially when her own two children were born and shortly thereafter she began reviewing books at her top rated children’s book review site There's A Book. For more than five years she’s been involved professionally with books through print and online publications. Danielle is also a middle grade writer, a member of SCBWI and can frequently be found on Twitter (@the1stdaughter) talking about anything from children's books to the BBC’s Sherlock to her own parenting woes & joys.

Danielle is looking for:
Magical Realism MG novels  (Along the lines of Bigger Than A Bread Box by Laurel Snyder)
MG Graphic Novels similar to DRAMA by Raina Telgemeier
Contemporary MG Novels
Creative Non-Fiction PBs under 900 words
Quirky Child-centered Fiction PBs under 800 words

Terrie grew up on a steady diet of real-life adventure and believed until her early 30’s that days spent with explorers, treasure hunters  and other adrenaline junkies was perfectly typical. Her insatiable curiosity led her to positions within the international media and several award-winning writing and promotions teams at venues including CBS, NBC, Penguin (UK) and Hobsons Press (Cambridge University Press). The recipient of the Emmy, Queen’s Service Award (UK), La Voz y Papel (Spain), and Young Journalist of the Year, Terrie read English Literature at Cambridge, studied Creative Writing at NYU and Journalism at CU-Denver, and will tell you she’s equally proud of the “Master of Mirth” status awarded by Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus.

A series of life changing events most anyone else would have labeled “accidents” brought Terrie back to her home in Colorado and after 22 months of rehab, she joined the Anita Kushen Agency in 2009 as a Foreign Rights Specialist. Shortly thereafter, she acquired and renamed the agency.  

Terrie wants your very best MG and picture/board books and believes in well-written, well-presented works that touch the tender minds and hearts of young people. She enjoys humorous (not gross), engaging (not mean), adventurous fiction, beautifully illustrated picture/board books and highly expressive and entertaining nonfiction. Dare to thrill her.

Pete Knapp joined the Park Literary Group in July 2011, where he has had a chance to work with many of the agency’s bestselling authors -- Nicholas Sparks, Emily Giffin, and Debbie Macomber included -- in all stages of the publication process. He has been actively involved in the company's film activities, helping to coordinate marketing and publicity efforts for The Lucky One (WB) and Safe Haven (Relativity, February 2013). Prior to joining Park Literary, he was a story editor and book scout at Floren Shieh Productions, consulting on book-to-film adaptations for Los Angeles-based film companies, including CBS Films. He has also interned in the literary affairs and development offices of New Line Cinema, Overture Films, and Maximum Films & Management.

Peter represents and is an avid reader of young adult and middle grade fiction, frequently trading book recommendations with his nine-year-old sister. Having graduated from NYU summa cum laude with a B.A. in Art History, he maintains a (mostly) healthy interest in the visual arts, particularly with animation. He is an advisor for Builders Beyond Borders, a nonprofit that organizes international humanitarian trips for teenagers, and though he loves to travel, he happily calls Brooklyn home.

I am currently looking for young adult and middle grade fiction that surprises, delights, scares, and thrills. I am particularly eager to find realistic YA with sharp edges: books tackling teen issues without being didactic, and gritty teen thrillers and psychological suspense. I am also looking for great middle grade mysteries and bitter sweet contemporary middle grade tackling issues of identity and family. I always look first for a unique and authentic voice, great characters, and layered plots.

At the top of my wish list are:
- A great, heartbreaking contemporary YA suspense or thriller. A realistic, dark, twisty, page-turner that is smart and character-driven. Psychological suspense is particularly enticing
- Other contemporary YA.  Books like Thirteen Reasons Why, Openly Straight, Why We Broke Up, the forthcoming Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock, books in the vein of Sarah Dessen, Morgan Matson, Nina LaCour, Sara Zarr, A.S. King, etc
- MG adventure or mystery with lots of heart. Especially neighborhood mysteries a la The Secret Tree and When You Reach Me and Dead End in Norvelt
-  “Behind-the-headlines” books such as Endangered by Eliot Schrefer
- A really cute YA or MG contemporary romance with a strong puzzle or scavenger hunt feel. Think Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

- Stories that deal with complicated family situations

Jennie Goloboy joined Red Sofa Literary as an Associate Agent in Fall 2011.   Jennie has a PhD in the History of American Civilization from Harvard. She is also a published author of both history and fiction.

Jennie is especially interested in sharp, funny, innovative science fiction and fantasy for adults.  
She is also interested in fun non-fiction-- no memoirs, please!

Eric Ruben is an attorney with over twenty-five years of experience. Among his clients are authors in numerous genres. He suggested NY Times best-selling author Suzanne Brockmann write about Navy SEALs as heroes and helped create the genre of romantic military suspense. An award-winning performer and writer, appearing in films, commercials, and Off-Broadway theatre, his experience gives him a unique perspective that benefits his clients.

I am looking for great stories well told.

Emily Keyes is an agent at the L. Perkins Agency ( Previously, she was a Contracts Administrator at Simon & Schuster, Inc. and a writer for “The World Almanac for Kids.” She is a graduate of the NYU Publishing program and knowledgeable about many areas of publishing, and an expert on all things “Sweet Valley.” She’s very passionate about YA, teen and middle grade novels and is looking to acquire in those areas.

I'm looking for middle grade--particularly thoughtful, literary middle grade (more like Newbery honor books and less like, "let's teach kids about [X]!")--right now. I'm always looking for some fun and unique YA voices, as well as a range of commercial adult fiction, humor, pop culture, women's fiction and new adult.


Alycia Tornetta is an editor with Entangled Publishing. She started at Entangled as an intern for Stacy Cantor Abrams before moving to a paid position. She previously interned at Hodder Children’s Books of Hachette UK, Penguin Press UK, Octopus Books, BMJ, and D4EO Literary Agency. She earned her Bachelor’s in English Literature at California State University Sacramento and her Masters in Publishing at the University of the Arts London. She currently lives in a small town where, in the land of trucks, her Mini Cooper is the smallest car around. You can follow her on Twitter at @weechagirl.

My wishlist is:

-YA or NA: Contemporary (like Stephanie Perkins or Jennifer Echols) or thriller/mystery. Could be heists, film noir-like mystery, psychological suspense, etc. Must have a romantic element. 
-Anything that combines genres in a unique and clever way. Think Holly Black's Curse Worker series, Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles, or Renee Collins' Relic. 
-For Bliss (Entangled's small-town category romance line): I'd love to see quirky towns and fun characters. Think Hart of Dixie and Gilmore Girls. 
-For adult/NA/YA: I'd love to see a wild child heroine. Someone a little crazy/quirky/unique or from the wrong side of the tracks. 
-M/M. For category romance, YA, NA, or novellas. Any heat level. I'm a big fan of Josh Lanyon, K.A. Mitchell, Kelley York, David Levithan. 
-A sci-fi/futuristic novel where the mc isn't trying to fight a corrupt government. 

Theresa is an Editor for Entangled Publishing, mom and step-mom to five boys, and coffee addict. Before securing a position with Entangled Publishing, she worked as a freelance editor for multiple publishers and individual authors.A dangerous bad boy hero or a twist on mythology, religious theories, or legends are almost always sure win with Theresa. When she isn’t working, reading, crafting, or attending her sons’ sporting events, she can usually be found on Twitter at @TheresaMCole.

Theresa's Wishlist:
*Note: this list applies to all imprints and manuscript lengths
  • Category romances featuring the following tropes: bad boy/playboy reformed, enemies to lovers, fling, revenge, older brother's best friend, opposites attract
  • Dark, gritty paranormals with tortured heros and sassy heroines
  • Fairy Tale retellings with original twists
  • All types of mythology (Greek, Celtic, Norse, etc)
  • Stories set in other countries (Ireland, Scottland, Italy, Russia, Germany, etc) – anywhere, as long as the country is rich with culture and the story incorporates that culture. BUT, if you take me to another country, be sure to fully immerse me in that fabulous setting!
  •  Twists on religion (any religion) – bonus points if secret societies are involved
  • Alternate histories with paranormal elements – was Jack the Ripper a paranormal being? or Hitler? Put your own spin on history and use an idea that hasn’t been done before.
Courtney has been writing since she could hold a crayon. Her love for all things writing followed her to college where she obtained a B.A. in communications with a focus in print journalism. In the past eight years she has worked as a journalist, an editor, a technical writer, a technical editor, and a freelance editor. She has an undying love for YA and MG fiction. She has one completed YA fantasy novel, and is currently revising a YA horror. With that said, Courtney has a particular interest in all things creepy. She loves YA horror that will make her sleep with the light on, sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy, historical fantasy, and epic fantasy. She's especially looking for a YA with fortune tellers, tarot card readers, and psychics. She loves for all her stories to have a strong voice, swoon-worthy romance, and unexpected plot twists. For MG, she loves magical adventure stories. She’s especially interested in those with a male protagonist. She really loves any story that sticks with her long after she’s read it.

Mandy Schoen is the managing editor of Swoon Romance (an imprint of Month9Books, LLC) and otherwise keeps plenty busy traveling the world, slaying dragons, falling in love, and whatever else her TBR pile has in store for her. When she’s not reading, hanging out with her family, or acquiring and editing incredible stories for Swoon Romance, she can be found wrapped firmly around a cup of flavored coffee whilst pondering ways to convince her husband that adopting a wallaby is a good idea. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband, her boxer, and her Nook, but it’s probably easier to find her on Twitter at @Mandy_Schoen.

Mandy’s Submissions Wish-list
Mandy is always looking for the next happily-ever-after, and doesn’t so much mind if the path there is of the sweet or the sexy variety. She is currently most interested in contemporary YA in the vein of Epic Fail or anything by Kody Keplinger, Lauren Barnholdt, or Jennifer Echols.
She is also eagerly seeking New Adult, particularly collegial or home-for-the-summer settings, and she definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more New Adult paranormal romance. Her current list of genre favorites include The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, Wait for You, and Crash. She is also interested in adult contemporary.

She wants to see more dual-narrative POVs, male protagonists who are not necessarily McHottie (ala Beauty and the Beast), unique contemporary fairy-tale retellings, quirky female protagonists with heart, witty dialogue, a relatable voice, settings with as much personality as the characters, deeply flawed but redeemable men, and clever humor. She enjoys a lighthearted tone as much as a deeply emotive one, and she loves to see complex characters in familiar situations.

 OR (a shorter version of this wish-list):
Edgy YA, NA (particularly collegiate or home-for-the-summer settings, and paranormal), and Adult contemporary. She enjoys dual-narrative POVs, unique fairy-tale retellings, quirky female protags with heart, deeply flawed but redeemable men, and complex characters in familiar situations.

Acquisition Editor Kathleen Kubasiak is living the dream life, surrounded 24/7 by her devoted fan club (aka: her children).  She draws on her degrees in Education and Language Arts, as well as her Masters in Library and Information Sciences, in order to homeschool her children while exploring all the nation, and the world, has to offer, thanks to her husband's career.   Kathleen is very pleased to also be in a position to help authors achieve their dreams of publication.

Kathleen is looking for works of paranormal, sci-fi, and speculative fiction

What Kathleen says about her wishlist: "I love when a little romance is thrown into the mix. A strong protagonist with compelling motivation is a must, as well as a believable setting."

Danielle Ellison - Spencer Hill Press
Danielle Ellison is a Senior Editor at Spencer Hill Press and Spencer Hill Contemporary. Danielle spent her childhood playing with Barbies and waiting for the day she could escape her small town in a tour bus.After a realizing she had to be able to sing in order to be a country music superstar, she decided to use her love of make-believe for a better purpose: telling stories. Now, she's a writer and an editor, and she loves them both way more than cowboy boots or busses. When she's not editing or writing, Danielle is probably drinking coffee, fighting her nomadic urges, watching too much TV, and dreaming of the day when she can be British. (Because if she was British then she could find a TARDIS--and a knight, because everyone needs a knight.) Danielle can be found online at:  Twitter  |  Website  |  Goodreads  |  Tumblr  |  Frenzy of Noise

I seek great characters and voices that haunt me. That's what sticks out to me most: characters with stories to tell. I love realistic NA/YA fiction and speculative YA/NA, depending on the subject and voice. Ultimately, that's what I look for: concepts that stick out to me and voices/characters that stick with me.
Specifically, I would love to find:
* something a la NIKITA or ARROW or SPEED or OCEAN'S 11. With mystery & high stakes & action. (Let's blow up stuff!)
* story about two platonic (same sex or different) BEST FRIENDS. Friendship is important and lost a lot in YA because of romance
* taking something typical and making it magical. I'll leave that up to interpretation
* YA/NA historical (either alternate history or realistic) about unique subject
* YA/NA contemp books complex characters with strong voices facing real issues
* YA/NA with PIRATES! (And magic.) But definitely where the MC is a pirate or is with pirates.

* I love ambiguous characters who walk the line of good and evil

After spending several of her formative years in a commune, Acquisitions Editor Alison Nee Heller found herself in the metropolis of Chicago only to be thrust back into the bohemian lifestyle when she chose to attend high school on a farm.Upon graduation she was back in the city attending the University of Chicago. Since then she's lived here, there, and everywhere, all east of the Mississippi. Currently she can be found in SW Ohio with her three kids, two dogs (one of whom thinks he's a cat) and one cat (who thinks he's a dog). 

Alison's Wish-list:
She's interested in paranormal suspense, cozy mysteries, magical realism and contemporary & traditional fantasy stories. Strong characters, great plot twists and a story line that steps outside the current tropes all appeal to her.

Ashley Christman of Entranced Publishing
Having spent her life fostering a love affair with the written word, Ashley decided to make a living in publishing, first as an author, then as an editor. She began working as a content editor, eventually moving her way up to managing editor and senior editor positions in other small ePublishing companies (as both herself and under the nom de plume Charlotte Magdelena). Her dream was to open a publishing house one day, but before doing that she wanted to garner experience in the ePublishing world and immersed herself in learning its many facets. Now she is putting her knowledge to work with a company she is passionate about, working with books that she can’t put down.

Ashley is looking for compelling romances with strong heroines and heroes that are self-assured and know what they want both in and out of the bedroom.


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