Thursday, December 6, 2012

Welcome to the new home of #PitchMAS!

This site is a work in progress, but we felt it was necessary to start a site for our Holiday pitch fest. 

We have been completely BLOWN AWAY by the success of this three-day event. 

We will now be hosting PitchMAS every year! 


To get to the original #PitchMAS post, click HERE.

Jessa & Tamara


  1. Pass around the egg nog and gifts! And I'll throw in some mistletoe too!!

  2. EXCELLENT IDEA! I was just thinking this earlier today. It's been so much fun and a great way to get agent attention. Thanks so much for doing this! You ladies ROCK. :)

  3. Bravery, you have found two new faces to replace whatever worn out old picture some careless stooge stuck in there before. And the countdown begins...

  4. I was only able to participate in the Twitter portion, but even that was a blast. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity, ladies! Looking forward to next year!

  5. This is great news! I had so much fun, learned a TON, and got some interest (which will hopefully turn into a deal). I'll be back again next year as well.